Frame pointer elimination on ia32

Jan Hubicka
Thu Jun 20 12:34:00 GMT 2002

> I know this won't be popular, but omitting the frame pointer in leaf
> functions on ia32 simply isn't acceptable at the moment.  It breaks
> GDB pretty badly.  Tsk tsk Richard for not looking into the regresions
> that have been constantly reported by the tester for the last 3 weeks.
> Once GDB is updated to deal with a frame-pointer-less leaf function, then
> we can safely turn this option back on.

With DWARF2 this should be done easilly now.  Perhaps we should pay
attention to that instead and default -fomit-frame-pointer as I've
memtioned in the other post.  I hope that major issues in DWARF2
unwinding are slowed now.


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