cfg merge part 19 - gcse tweek

Jan Hubicka
Wed Jun 19 09:45:00 GMT 2002

> But even when you substitute insn by new, it doesn't work for the sh;
> the movsf_ie / movsf_i4 patterns not only have a clobber, but also a use part.
> recog has no idea how to add these uses (and what to put in the used registers
> in
> the first place).
> Jst try to compile the ef_jn.i I sent earlier in this thread with -m3e -O2 with
> the SH cc1.

OK, thinking about that, I am quite convenienced that move insn is safe
to emit anywhere, so I will add normal emit_move_insn call instead.
Hope it will fix your problem.

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