configure error checking patch

Alexandre Oliva
Tue Jun 18 13:45:00 GMT 2002

On Jun 14, 2002, Tim Josling <> wrote:

> - Restores the previous behaviour (enable-languages must have a parameter)
> when the user specifies enable-languages=yes.

It's not really about --enable-languages=yes; problem is that this is
undistinguishable from --enable-languages without `=something'.

> - Simplifies the code, eschewing pretentious displays of virtuosity,


> and makes it more robust. (Andre, the sed had to be changed from
> your suggestion, which had the effect of removing all the spaces).

Thanks, the patch is ok.  Please check it in.

> I have tried to make the format of this email acceptable to all: the
> text is wrapped at 78, the changelog is included in the body, the
> patch itself is a text attachment and therefore hopefully will not
> wrap, and the generated file is excluded from the email. Please let
> me know if it is still not right.

I find it perfect.  Thanks for the effort.

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