3.2 PATCH: Properly define __LANGUAGE_C etc. on alpha

Rainer Orth ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE
Tue Jun 18 13:43:00 GMT 2002

Neil Booth writes:

> The _std call should do these two extra macros for you.  If
> not, it's implementation is buggy and needs to be fixed.  At
> first glance it should be doing everything you need, so please
> explain why the extra macros are not being defined by
> builtin_define_std().

It looks like this bug (not defining __LANGUAGE_C, but only _LANGUAGE_C if
the macro argument to builtin_define_std starts with an uppercase letter)
only exists in the older version I had to use to find out what patch broke
mainline bootstrap.  Upon re-checking, I can confirm that mainline as of
yesterday correctly defines __LANGUAGE_C and __LANGUAGE_C__ even without my
patch (while breaking in unrelated ways), so the patch can be ignored.
Sorry about the noise ;-(


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