ASM_OUTPUT_SECTION_NAME cleanup patch problem

Joern Rennecke
Sat Jun 8 16:47:00 GMT 2002

> Oops, this is coff; I see your point.  Well, we could have
> stubs in libgcc.a (as opposed to libgcc_eh.a) that do 
> nothing.  That would reduce the overhead to perhaps low
> hundereds of bytes.

Which would still be quite a lot for a 4 KB device.

> Or I could just fix what I broke.  I guess I'll look at
> that next week.

Note that I put a stopgap fix on the mainline in sh/coff.h,
modeled after the way the h8300-hms port kept working.
Ugly, but it does the job.
(It uses HAS_INIT_SECTION even though there is no such thing,
 and counteracts the side-effects with INVOKE___MAIN.)

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