Patch: Use tm_defines to configure default scheduling model on PA

Neil Booth
Wed Jun 5 14:23:00 GMT 2002

John David Anglin wrote:-

> > Ah, yes.  But your macros are defined inside some new header, rather
> > than in config.gcc itself, right?  I'm just trying to reduce the number
> No.  The macros themselves are defined in config.gcc and they get
> inserted into config.h, hconfig.h and tconfig.h by  The
> script converts say
>   tm_defines="ABC=foo"
> config.gcc into
>   #ifdef ABC
>   #define ABC foo
>   #endif
> in the *config.h files.  The config files are not new and they include
> the target headers when IN_GCC is defined..

OK, great!  Sorry for the misunderstanding.  This should enable some


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