ObjC RFA: Fix PR/6834 ObjC 3.1 regression

Stan Shebs shebs@apple.com
Wed Jun 5 13:29:00 GMT 2002

Neil Booth wrote:
> Stan Shebs wrote:-
> > Neil Booth wrote:
> > >
> > > I think it might be an idea to split the c hooks into a separate file,
> > > and have c-lang.c include them, and objc-lang.c include them too, but
> > > then override the (at most) 2 or 3 it needs to have different.  This
> > > would avoid this class of bugs in the future - people find it to easy
> > > to modify c-lang.c and forget about objc-lang.c.
> >
> > Before jumping into this, I have a small set of patches whose net
> > effect is to make it possible to consider merging cc1 and cc1obj
> > into a single executable, where the ObjC extensions are enabled
> > dynamically.  Instead of sharing code piecemeal, I'd like us to
> > consider first whether to go in the direction of merging, and if
> > so, to come up with patches that will take us in that direction.
> I think this is the long-term plan for the 3 (or maybe 4 8-)) C
> front ends, so I'd say go for it.
> But I'm just a nobody.

Hardly!  Your work to date has gone a long ways towards enabling
the merging of all the C frontends.  I mentioned C/ObjC because
I think it's close enough to consider for 3.2 (or would be if I
stopped working on Apple's problems and put in a bunch of local
patches :-) ).


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