std_limits.h os_defines.h

Gabriel Dos Reis
Thu Aug 9 19:13:00 GMT 2001

David Edelsohn <> writes:

| >>>>> Benjamin Kosnik writes:
| Ben> Please make sure that what every you come up with allows 
| Ben> newlib-based cross compilers to work (ie, test on x86-linux cross 
| Ben> powerpc-eabism)
| 	May I point out that limits_generic.h has incorrect information
| for powerpc-eabism?  PowerPC defaults to unsigned char, but
| limits_generic.h always reports signed char.  There are lots of corner
| cases like this where limits_generic.h appears to work, but really reports
| incorrect information.


   Thanks for checking all this.  Please, would you be willing to
produce a patch to config/ bits to correct those corner cases not
handled by the generic std_limits.h? 

I got something "working" :-), look for a patch soon.
-- Gaby

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