Java: Fix cyclic inheritance detection problem

Alexandre Petit-Bianco
Fri Apr 27 11:32:00 GMT 2001

Bryce McKinlay writes:

> Although GCJ has a mechanism to detect cyclic inheritance, it isn't
> working in most cases. Possibly this was broken with the multifile
> compilation changes, or maybe it was broken even before that.

I'm pretty sure it used to work 2/3 years ago :-) But I never took the
time to write a test to catch for that particular regressions, and
tons of others for that matter.

> Actually, its not clear to me why resolve_class() is called with an
> "enclosing" argument at all here, because X is not an inner class

Indeed. This was required for some reason but I can't remember why --
maybe static inner classes. Anyways, I'm making a note to look into
this issue.

> ok to commit?

It looks fine, but let me run some more tests, and I haven't finished
testing Per's yesterday patch. Stay tuned, thanks.


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