Reapply patch lost during recent "blind import" of libtool

Gerald Pfeifer
Thu Apr 12 06:25:00 GMT 2001

On 12 Apr 2001, Alexandre Oliva wrote:
> Ok to install?

Yes, thanks a lot!  (Only some most minor tweaks.)

+Some files and packages in the CVS tree are imported from elsewhere,
+and we want to minimize divergence from their upstream sources.  The
+following files should be updated only according to the rules set

This should be put in <p>Some...below:</p>

+<li>config.guess, config.sub: The master copy of these files is at <a
+href="" ;> </a>.
+Proposed changes should be e-mailed to <a
+href="" ;></a>.  Only
+after the change makes it to the FTP site should the new files be
+installed in the GCC CVS tree, so that their version numbers remain
+meaningful and unique.  Don't install the patch, install the whole

Here, and in the following, please close the list item with </li>.

Your patch adds very useful documentation!


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