gcc- S/390 backend 4

Geoff Keating geoffk@geoffk.org
Tue Oct 31 11:43:00 GMT 2000

Hartmut Penner <hp@zuck175192.boeblingen.de.ibm.com> writes:

> Here are the reworked S/390 backend patches Part 4

These patches (all four) are approved.

Now, there are some extra administrative details.  

* You need to ensure that these are assigned to the FSF, before
  committing them.

* You need to obtain access to sources.redhat.com to commit the
  patches.  The easiest way to do this is to send me (privately,
  there's no need to bother the list) an ssh public key.

* You should read < http://gcc.gnu.org/cvswrite.html > before
  committing anything, and follow the procedures described there

* You should add your name into the MAINTAINERS list as the maintainer
  of the new port, and as write-after-approval for the rest of the
  tree.  Do this once you have SSH access as a test that you can
  commit stuff.

* After you've done all this, commit the patches.
- Geoffrey Keating <geoffk@cygnus.com>

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