[patch] MIPS -G 0 libgcc vs. (default -G) stdc++ data problem.

Jim Wilson wilson@cygnus.com
Mon Oct 30 16:05:00 GMT 2000

> It looks like one other data symbol is exported from libgcc.a on a
> mips-elf-like target: __shtab.  I couldn't find any uses of it in the
> gcc src tree (at all!), though, and it's a 128 byte array, so even if
> it is used it should be safe in my circumstances...

Looking at gcc-2.8.1, I see that it was added in 1990 by rms for the tahoe
port.  The tahoe port was deleted 29 days ago, so there are no longer any
users of this __shtab array.  It probably shouldn't have been in libgcc2.c
anyways, since it was only there for the tahoe port, but back then we didn't
really have machine dependent hooks to add stuff to libgcc.a.

__shtab should definitely be dropped.

When the egcs project started, there was a decision to drop all old ChangeLog
files to save space.  So if you want to look up some gcc history, you need
to have a copy of gcc-2.8.1 handy.


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