V3 PATCH: IRIX configuration

Mark Mitchell mark@codesourcery.com
Mon Oct 30 08:18:00 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Gabriel" == Gabriel Dos Reis <gdr@codesourcery.com> writes:

    Gabriel> But it is true that there places (if I recall correctly)
    Gabriel> where we're computing with double instead of long double
    Gabriel> for a long double input precision. That is wrong and we
    Gabriel> should fix it.

That's what I was trying to say; I'm sorry I wasn't clear.  I think
`abs' is one of those places; it used `cabs' before (and my patch will
change it to use `hypot'), but it seems like we should have an
overloaded version of either `cabs' or `hypot' so that we don't
compute in `double' precision.

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