[patch] MIPS -G 0 libgcc vs. (default -G) stdc++ data problem.

Chris G. Demetriou cgd@sibyte.com
Sat Oct 28 22:09:00 GMT 2000

"Zack Weinberg" <zackw@stanford.edu> writes:
> Is __terminate_func used by non-C++ runtimes?  If not, it should
> simply be moved over to libstdc++(v3) with all the rest of the C++
> specific logic.

the eh stuff in libgcc uses __terminate() (which calls through
__terminate_func).  if runtimes want a settable termination function
and want to use the libgcc eh stuff, then that function variable has
to be used by libgcc's __terminate().  That pretty much means that
that the variable has to be part of libgcc as well.

I think this is a case of "code that has to be part of the generic
logic if any runtimes are going to support the functionality," but for
now only c++ uses it.


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