Don't keep notes about obliterated libcall sequence

Alexandre Oliva
Tue Oct 24 09:10:00 GMT 2000

On Oct 23, 2000, Geoff Keating <> wrote:

> Alexandre Oliva <> writes:

>> This patch arranges for the notes to be removed when they point at the
>> insn that is being removed.  Ok to install?

> You didn't say on what host you ran a bootstrap+test.

That's because I hadn't completed testing yet, and, in fact, I was
half-expecting someone to reply something like ``why not remove the
notes when you get down to a single insn, instead of doing that only
if/when the insn is removed?''  Since nobody wrote that, I'll have to
ask: why not?

> Assuming you did do this on at least one host, the patch is OK to
> install.

I've tested on i686-pc-linux-gnu native and x-sh-elf.

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