PATCH: Tree checking failure in C++

Richard Kenner
Tue Oct 24 08:46:00 GMT 2000

    Actually, I think there's a pretty clear existing preference for using

    Finally, the `error_mark_node' test is perhaps better in two ways:

      - It's probably faster, since it doesn't involve any data access.

Not that it's a big issue but on most RISC machines, and any PIC 
configuration, the value of "error_mark_node" needs *two* data reference:
one to pick up the address from a table and oe to get the current value.
So testing the code is faster.

      - It reminds us that there is supposed to be only one node with
        ERROR_MARK set, ever.


      - Finally, since ERROR_MARK tends to be zero, lots of random
        storage ends up looking like an ERROR_MARK, which can mask
        real errors.  Using error_mark_node makes it easier to find
        those errors.

Likewise, except we probably ought to change ERROR_MARK so it's nonzero
in any case.

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