Patch: Document -mintel-syntax

Kelley Cook
Mon Oct 23 13:58:00 GMT 2000

Since until a few recent patches came through, I had no idea that the long
hoped for "-mintel-syntax" actually was quietly introduced almost a year
ago, I thought that I would document that fact.


2000-10-23  Kelley Cook <>

    * invoke.texi: Document -mintel-syntax

$ diff -u invoke.texi.orig invoke.texi
--- invoke.texi.orig    Mon Oct 23 14:58:31 2000
+++ invoke.texi Mon Oct 23 15:10:47 2000
@@ -367,9 +367,8 @@
 -mfix7000 -mno-crt0

 @emph{i386 Options}
--mcpu=@var{cpu type}
--march=@var{cpu type}
--mieee-fp  -mno-fancy-math-387
+-mcpu=@var{cpu type} -march=@var{cpu type}
+-mintel-syntax -mieee-fp  -mno-fancy-math-387
 -mno-fp-ret-in-387  -msoft-float  -msvr3-shlib
 -mno-wide-multiply  -mrtd  -malign-double
 -mreg-alloc=@var{list}  -mregparm=@var{num}
@@ -6123,6 +6122,9 @@
 @itemx -mpentiumpro
 Synonyms for -mcpu=i386, -mcpu=i486, -mcpu=pentium, and -mcpu=pentiumpro
 respectively.  These synonyms are deprecated.
+@item -mintel-syntax
+Emit assembly using Intel syntax opcodes instead of AT&T syntax.

 @item -mieee-fp
 @itemx -mno-ieee-fp

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