mkmap-flatsysv.awk [PATCH RFA]
Fri Oct 20 13:21:00 GMT 2000

GAWK has a conditional construct (`if'); I'm not sure
if all awks have this.

But, it's probably easiest just to do the usual autoconf
thing where you substitute into an file, appropriately.

Mark Mitchell         
CodeSourcery, LLC     

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Sent   : 10/20/00 1:10 PM
>From   : David Edelsohn <>
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CC     :, Richard Henderson <>
Subject: Re: mkmap-flatsysv.awk [PATCH RFA] 

> >>>>> mark  writes:
> Mark> My only question: since the changes you needed to make
> Mark> were so small, would it make more sense simply to conditionalize
> Mark> Richard's original file? 
> 	I would be happy to conditionalize the file if you have a
> suggestion on how to handle that in Richard's infrastructure.  I am not
> sure exactly how to do that in Awk.  This is exactly the reason I posted
> the diff and not the actual new file :^).
> Thanks, David


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