netware 4.x "support"

Stan Shebs
Wed Oct 18 14:15:00 GMT 2000

Geoff Keating wrote:
> This patch moves the old netware 4.x support from the Red Hat tree to
> the public tree.  It also nukes the powerpc netware support, since it
> never worked in the public tree and the configure support was taken
> out of the Red Hat tree in 1998.
> It was probably last tested in 1995, but it's sufficiently simple that
> there's no particular reason it shouldn't work now.  Anyway, it's good
> to have it in the CVS archive even if we subsequently decide we want
> to delete it.

Yeah, that all sounds sensible to me.  I was surprised to see the x86
netware bits missing from the public sources, but hadn't been tracking
changes closely enough to know whether the omission was deliberate or

I'm remembering that there are useless PPC netware files in GDB sources
too, time to do some more cleaning.


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