Patch to fix mark_constant_function

Jeffrey A Law
Tue Oct 17 20:54:00 GMT 2000

  In message <200009212147.RAA03216@jwlab.FEITH.COM>you write:
  > This patch fixes mark_constant_function which has been busted since
  > a change on 2000-02-18.  It also addresses a long standing issue
  > where recursive functions and functions with loops were considered
  > as constant function candidates ... several people pointed out that
  > this is undesirable since the function might never return which counts
  > as a side effect.  This patch passes make bootstrap and make check on
  > IBM AIX 4.3, Solaris 7 SPARC, and Compaq Tru64 UNIX 4.0f.
  > ChangeLog:
  > Thu Sep 21 02:41:10 EDT 2000  John Wehle  (
  > 	* alias.c: Include basic-block.h.
  > 	(loop_p): New function.
  > 	(mark_constant_function): Use it.  Don't check pure functions.
  > 	Initialize and end alias analysis.
  > 	(nonlocal_mentioned_p): Rename from nonlocal_reference_p.
  > 	Don't make a special exception for recursion.  Handle
  > 	UNSPEC_VOLATILE.  Don't assume ASM_OPERANDS is non-local
  > 	unless it's volatile.
  > 	* (alias.o): Update dependencies.
The non-loop stuff looks good and you should install it.

I'm a little concerned about the efficiency of the loop detection code; 
it appears to be a little heavyweight.

It seems to me that you can detect loops in the CFG quickly by doing a
DFS traversal, giving each node a DFS number.

If any block has a successor with a smaller DFS number than the block itself,
then you've got a loop.  Right?


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