[PATCH] Fix two RTL checking bugs

mark@codesourcery.com mark@codesourcery.com
Tue Oct 17 14:23:00 GMT 2000

Yes, thanks!

Mark Mitchell                   mark@codesourcery.com
CodeSourcery, LLC               http://www.codesourcery.com

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Sent   : 10/17/00 2:07 PM
>From   : Franz Sirl <Franz.Sirl-kernel@lauterbach.com>
To     : gcc-patches@gcc.gnu.org
Subject: [PATCH] Fix two RTL checking bugs

> Hi,
> while trying to bootstrap with RTL checking enabled, I stumbled over these 
> bugs.
> Bootstrapped on powerpc-linux-gnu.
> OK to commit?
> Franz.
> 	* expr.c (store_constructor): Apply MEM_ALIAS_SET to MEMs only.
> 	* rs6000/rs6000.c (rs6000_hash_constant): use X0INT to access a LABEL_REF.


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