Patch create bison files atomically

Marc Espie
Tue Oct 17 04:43:00 GMT 2000

In article < > you write:
>On Oct 17, 2000, Marc Espie <> wrote:

>> No reason *not to support yacc*, when it works (and byacc does).

>Did you ever try to build GCJ with yacc or byacc?  AFAIK, at least
>GCJ's grammar requires bison.
>> I spend enough time tracking irrelevant bison in autoconf output

I believe that you could *at least* read my mails in full and not cut 
them at a place that make me look like a moron.
I'm perfectly aware of java's actual needs for bison, and I did mention
it in the fragment you so conveniently cut.

Note that changing BISON to something else is simply a matter of supplying
a site x-fragment, which is not yet forbidden, thanks god.

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