RFA: Inserting NOPs for profiling.

Alan Modra alan@linuxcare.com.au
Mon Oct 16 17:49:00 GMT 2000

On Mon, 16 Oct 2000, Zack Weinberg wrote:

> On Mon, Oct 16, 2000 at 05:01:23PM -0700, Jim Wilson wrote:
> > In article < Pine.LNX.4.21.0010141300110.10656-100000@front.linuxcare.com.au > you write:
> > >Why don't we just fudge all these silly .gcc2_compiled symbols in the
> > >linker?  Giving them a value of -1 might do the trick.
> > 
> > Even better, we should make gcc stop emitting them.  They cause lots of
> > various problems, and the effort of working around them isn't worthwhile.
> However, today I had an idea for making them more useful.  If each
> front end emitted a *different* symbol, collect2 could determine what

Gah!!  Jim proposes removing them, and you say "Let's add some more"??  :-)

Seriously though, symbols are not a very good way to do this sort of thing
as you would need to read the whole symbol table to get the one you're
interested in.  Hash tables and so forth mean that symbols are not emitted
in the order they are encountered in the source.

Alan Modra
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