CodeSourcery's online test compilation

Gerald Pfeifer
Thu Oct 12 07:56:00 GMT 2000

On 12 Oct 2000, Alexandre Oliva wrote:
> How about this patch?

Yes, this is nice!

Please also have a look at HP's remarks, but apart from that and the
following minor nits, the changes are fine -- and most welcome!

! <p>Before you report a bug, please check the <a href="#known">list of
! well-known bugs</a> and try <a
! href=" ">CodeSourcery's
! Online Test Compilation</a>

"...and try a current snapshot of GCC or CodeSourcery's..."

! (if you do, please mention in your report
! the GCC version displayed in that web-page)

"on that web-page"? (Or better, just skip it, as the request for the
version is repeated later anyways.)

+   <li>An attachment containing all (or some :-) of the above</li>

Isn't this essentially redundant?

+   <li>Bugs in the assembler, the linker or the C library; these are
+   separate projects, with separate mailing lists and different bug
+   reporting procedures</li>

Full stop. (Also in some other <li>s.)

+   <li>Bugs in releases or snapshots of GCC not issued by the Free
+   Software Foundation; report them to whoever provided you with the
+   release</li>

I believe s/Free Software Foundation/GNU project/, but I'll ask RMS...

! <p>The gcc lists have message size limits (200 kbytes) and bug reports
! over those limits will currently be bounced.  If your bug is larger
! than that, please post it directly in GNATS.</p>

The change above is one I had in mind! Yup. :-)

Thanks a lot!


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