Patch for h8300 port

Will Cohen
Fri Oct 6 14:12:00 GMT 2000

A problem was found that the h8300 compiler due to the compiler
incorrectly estimating the number of bytes required for some
instruction sequences.  Due to the compiler's low estimate of the
number of bytes, the compiler used a branch that could not jump the
required distance.  This was later flagged when the linker was trying
to compute the actual values to insert into the operand fields.

A patch to correct the problem has been developed.  The patch changes
several of the templates in the files so they have the correct
length computed for the instructions.  I have include the patch file
(104654.patch.netgcc) which describes the changes.  Is it okay to make
this change to the h8300 port?

Entry in the gcc ChangeLog:

	* config/h8300/ changed zero_extend and sign_extend
	templates to just use register operand so that the "length"
	attribute is computed accurately.

-Will Cohen

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