shared libgcc build support

David Edelsohn
Fri Oct 6 11:17:00 GMT 2000

	I just tried adding the necessary bits for AIX shared libraries,
but the infrastructure in mklibgcc is inadequate to support AIX.  The two
problems that I have encountered so far:

	1) The shared object filename is assumed to have a file extension
of ".so" and assumed to be created directly from the PIC object files.
AIX wants a shared object (customarily with file extension ".o") which is
archived into a normal library.  Versioning is implemented by changing the
shared object's filename (e.g, shr.o, shr3.o, etc.), all archived in the
same library.  Applications depend on individual shared object members of
the archive, not the entire library.  All objects match old dependencies
at runtime but only the latest one matches new references at linkedit

	2) The shared object needs to be linked with different system
libraries depending on multilib information (libpthread in this case).
SHLIB_LIBS does not appear to provide the flexibility and there are no
Makefile variables to test for the multilib commandline arguments.

	Any idea how to provide this functionality?

Thanks, David

	P.S. The above is exactly what is wrong with the current libtool
support for AIX affecting libstdc++-v3.  One can force AIX to recognize
".so" filenames, but that also changes the shared library semantics.

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