Alpha -mtaso support, revised patch

Brad Lucier
Wed Mar 29 16:18:00 GMT 2000

Geoffrey Keating wrote:

> Also, don't you want to do the same thing for C++?

Well, I have a couple hundred thousand lines of C code that can use
this feature, but no C++ code using it; the short answer is that I didn't
look at C++.  (And I forgot to mention that those thousands of lines of
C code worked fine on both Linux and True64 with -mtaso.)

I appreciate your other advice; I have to say that I don't completely
understand it (at a very basic level), and it makes me think that my
attempt at adding this feature resulted in code that is not really
good enough to be merged.  I think, even using your suggestions,
that it will be difficult to implement because the tree nodes that
are generated (in c-typeck.c?) for (int) &foo do not seem to match what
is expected in varasm.c for this expression.

Brad Lucier

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