PREFERRED_STACK_BOUNDARY/function calling code fix

Mark Mitchell
Wed Mar 8 08:50:00 GMT 2000

Jan --


  Generally, the patch is OK, but there are a few issues.

  o + perm = (struct perm_function *) xcalloc ...

    This will never be freed, even if the function is garbage collected.
    I now that doesn't happen now, but maybe it will at some point.
    You can fix this by using ggc_alloc_obj to allocate the memory,
    and then making sure that the memory is marked as needed when
    the function is.

  o I don't like the name `perm_function' for the structure, or the
    name DECL_FUNCTION for the macro.  How
    about naming the structure `post_compilation_data' and macro
    field DECL_PCD, not DECL_FUNCTION.

  o I'm nervous about the places where you changed how we copy
    DECL_SAVED_INSNS and/or DECL_FRAME_SIZE.  Those members are 
    part of a union; we have to make sure we copy the biggest member.
    That's hard to do, and hard to maintain, so really that code
    ought just to copy the entire union.  That's safer -- in case 
    someone adds something bigger in there at some point.

  Please repost the patch with those changes for one more round of
approval.  RTH may have additional comments as well.
Mark Mitchell         
CodeSourcery, LLC     

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