Patch to special_function_p

Kaveh R. Ghazi
Fri Mar 3 08:28:00 GMT 2000

 > From: Jason Merrill <>
 > The C++ standard doesn't appear to provide any guarantees about
 > whether or not operator new returns the pointer to a unique object; in
 > practice the default operator new will do so (since it just calls
 > malloc), but it can be overridden by the user to something that
 > doesn't, and we can't optimize based on something that is probably,
 > but not necessarily, true.
 > Furthermore, operator new (size_t, void *) always returns its
 > argument, which is almost certainly going to alias something else, so
 > the blanket treatment of all op news as malloc-like is very wrong.
 > Thoughts?
 > Fixes g++.other/anon3.C when built with -O2.  
 > 2000-03-03  Jason Merrill  <>
 > 	* calls.c (special_function_p): operator new may not be malloc-like.

Is even malloc safe?  What if I do:

 > foo = malloc(10);
 > [...]
 > free(foo);
 > [...]
 > bar = malloc(10);

Isn't it possible that malloc returns the same address here?

(Or does the intervening call to free() block the aliasing

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