PREFERRED_STACK_BOUNDARY/function calling code fix

Jan Hubicka
Thu Mar 2 02:35:00 GMT 2000

> >>>>> "Jan" == Jan Hubicka <> writes:
>     Jan> Graham, it would be also nice idea to add your testcase to
>     Jan> the testsuite.  I've bootstraped with older version of this
>     Jan> patch, so before installing it I only run the testsuite, so
>     Jan> it looks like we don't have any testcase for the nested
>     Jan> functions calls, that was all broken after my patch.
> I think it's fine to add things to the testsuite, even sometimes when
> they're slightly redundant with the bootstrap.
> But, we should always bootstrap.  I, myself, am sometimes sorely
I was looking for purpose why the patch passed my testing and the purpose
was that I had for some purpose -mpreferred-stack-boundary=2 in the Makefile.
This effectivly masked the problem.

Is it OK to add even when Graham don't have copyright assignment?
The testcase is digged out from genattrtabs.

> tempted to make just one little tweak before checkin.  Although I
> sometimes fail to do so, I try to will myself to resist that
> temptation, unless its a change entirely contained within a comment.
> --
> Mark Mitchell         
> CodeSourcery, LLC     

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