Tweak for gcc.dg/cpp/20000628-1.c

Jeffrey A Law
Thu Jun 29 19:59:00 GMT 2000

  In message < >you write:
  > This patch makes 20000628-1.c trigger the bug it's supposed to test
  > for, instead of that bug plus a stack of syntax-error complaints.
  > asm(""); is rejected in -ansi mode, and all the dg tests run in -ansi
  > mode unless that is specifically overridden.
  > I took the opportunity to tighten up the test a bit.
  > zw
  > 	* gcc.dg/cpp/20000628-1a.h: Don't use asm().  On each
  > 	of the first three inclusions, declare one variable.  On the
  > 	fourth, error.
  > 	* gcc.dg/cpp/20000628-1.c (main): Reference the three variables
  > 	declared by 20000628-1a.h.
This is fine.  Please install this test.

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