couple of fixes for cp-demangle.c

Gabriel Dos Reis
Fri Jun 9 00:10:00 GMT 2000

Zack Weinberg <> writes:


| >     Zack> 2) There was no space printed between "operator" and
| >     Zack> "delete" in the demangling of "_Zdl".  For consistency, I've
| >     Zack> made there always be a space after "operator".
| > 
| > Gaby was objecting to the space.  (Gaby, did the patch you sent me
| > handle `operator new' and `operator delete' correctly?  I don't mind
| > spelling `operator==' that way, but `operator delete' definitely needs
| > the space.  We could use isalnum to decide whether or not to add the
| > space.)
| Mmm... Gaby's tastes and mine differ violently.  (He's the one who
| likes "char* foo", right?)  But I'll implement whatever the consensus
| is.

The `operator @' vs `operator@' issue had been discussed, finally the
consensus was to spell it `operator@' -- this is in one way
consistency with the standard spelling.  That is also what the debugger
wants.  See Jason's patches over the past (1999-12-?? to 2000-01-??).

-- Gaby
CodeSourcery, LLC                   

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