PATCH: extensions.html update for bounds checking patches

Gerald Pfeifer
Sat Jun 3 15:01:00 GMT 2000

Thanks! Before installing that patch, I have a few minor comments, though;
hope you don't mind.

On Fri, 2 Jun 2000, William Bader wrote:
> + <h2>
> + Bounds checking patches for
> + <A HREF=" ">gcc releases</A>
> + and
> + <A HREF=" ">egcs snapshots</A>
> + </h2>

At first I was confused about "egcs snapshots", but I think these are
current GCC snapshots which, unfortunately, still care "egcs" as part
of their filenames.  In that case we should use GCC (note, the project
is now written GCC, not gcc) as well.

> + <p>These patches add a <i>-fbounds-checking</i> flag that

We generally use <code>-fbounds-checking</code> for command-line options.

> + <i>mem*</i> and <i>str*</i> routines

<CODE> ?

> + Bounds Checking GCC v gcc-2.95.2-2.20 Copyright (C) 1995 Richard W.M. Jones

I'm not sure the copyright notice is appropriate, as GCC itself is not
copyrighted by Richard (at least not that one <g>) and the changes are
relatively minor compared to GCC as a whole.

> + calls.  Greg's patches will eventually be incorporated into egcs.


Would you mind making these changes and sending us the updated version?

(As you suggested, we should omit the examples to keep the page short,
but it would be nice if you could put them on a web page of yours that
we can refer to.)

Gerald "Jerry"

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