Patch to merge (most of) elfos.h and svr4.h

Franz Sirl
Thu Jan 13 02:59:00 GMT 2000

Am Don, 13 Jan 2000 schrieb Nick Clifton:
>Hi Franz,
>: I'll do the cleanup, no problem. It's just that the cleanup will break some
>: platforms which depend on elfos.h/svr4.h until their maintainers catch up.
>: That's why I would like to get an idea about what is "the right thing to do"
>: (tm) :-).
>Well I am only a humble hacker, so I cannot answer that, but I will
>give you my opinion, in case it helps...
>: After a quick browse of svr4.h/elfos.h I believe only the specfile related
>: macros justify handling via #undef/#ifndef, all others just should provoke a
>: macro collision. What do you think?
>Why give special preference to the SPEC related macros ?  Why not just
>say that all targets (that are going to use svr4.h/elfos.h) should
>include these headers first and then override any macros that they
>need to, including the spec macros ?

Hmm, you are probably right. I'll think that over again when I'm back on


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