David Edelsohn
Tue Jan 4 13:20:00 GMT 2000

>>>>> Geoff Keating writes:

>> This patch undefines the new AIX-dependent macros added to
>> rs6000.h.

Geoff> If they were AIX-dependent, why weren't they in an AIX-dependent
Geoff> header file?  There's already way too much random junk in rs6000.h now.

	Because there is no single, central AIX-specific header file.  The
"rs6000" port originally only was AIX.  As the port evolved to support
additional platforms, the AIX-specific definitions were not separated from
the POWER/PowerPC common definitions.  The AIX-specific headers that do
exist are deltas for features specific to various AIX releases.

	Starting over, one would structure the port differently, but
development instead chose to evolve the port with the least disruptive


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