Running testsuite

Franz Sirl
Wed Feb 23 11:29:00 GMT 2000

At 19:58 23.02.00 , Jeffrey A Law wrote:

>   In message < >you write:
>   > At 19:46 23.02.00 , Richard Kenner wrote:
>   > >     ?!?  "symlink to point to its tcl directory"?!?
>   > >
>   > >Well, when it first failed, it looked like it was failing because it
>   > >couldn't find a "tcl/library" directory, so I made the symlink.  It
>   > >failed the same way still, so that's irrelevant.
>   >
>   > If you have tcl/tk 8.0.x already installed, the easiest way is to just
>   > configure and make in the dejagnu subdir and not in the toplevel dir. I
>   > think only the prefixes for tcltk and dejagnu have to match then.
>   >
>Actually I consider this wrong.  The whole point of bundling tcl/expect with
>dejagnu is to ensure it has consistent copies.  It's easier to build it and
>install it as it was meant to work than fiddle around trying to re-use
>existing libraries of unknown origin.

Depends on the point of view. I'm always working on package (.rpm, .deb, 
etc) based systems and I don't install a single program with "make install" 
in /usr or /usr/local, I always make a package out of it first. If it turns 
out that dejagnu needs a certain version of tcl/tk/expect I let the package 
install require that. And on a current Linux-based system you've already 
tcl/tk/expect installed in a working version, so I neither want to build 
nor package that stuff again or install duplicates in a private directory.


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