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Toon Moene
Wed Feb 16 13:01:00 GMT 2000

Andy Vaught wrote:

>   While lapack is a large hunk of code, its written by guys who've been
> writing fortran ever since it was invented and really know what they're
> doing.  The style within that body of code is very consistent, which is
> not so good for the sort of bulk testing that I was thinking of.

Agree - so what we did in the time that g77 still was a separate
development, was that we had a bunch of alpha-testers who beat on the
compiler with their favourite code (like I still do with our NWP stuff).

Perhaps we should ask for a new round of alpha-testers (especially those
with dusty decks - sorry, card reader not included) to do this

If ever something comes up that breaks the compiler, we might ask the
victim write a simple testcase for the testsuite (with suitable

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