SH: cmpeqdi splitter messes up the CFG

Alexandre Oliva
Wed Aug 30 10:37:00 GMT 2000

On Aug 29, 2000, Jeffrey A Law <> wrote:

>> * config/sh/ (cmpeqsi_ior_t, cmpeqsi_and_t): New insns.
>> (cmpeqdi_t splitter): Use cmpeqsi_and_t instead of emitting jumps
>> and labels.

>> +	bt 0f\;tst	%0,%0\;0:
>> +	bt 0f\;cmp/eq	%1,%0\;0:
>> +	bt 0f\;cmp/eq	%1,%0\;0:"
>> +  [(set_attr "length" "4")])

> I'd recommend against using gas specific extensions like the forward/backward
> labels.

Ok.  How about `.Leqsi%='?

> I don't see where/how the cmpeqsi_ior_t pattern is used.

It isn't, AFAIK.  I put it in just for completeness.  Then, before
throwing it away as useless, I thought combine and ifcvt could benefit
from it, so left it in.

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