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Jeffrey A Law
Mon Aug 21 07:06:00 GMT 2000

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  > Hi,
  > sorry for taking so long to answer, but I was away some time, and now my
  > mailbox is flooded ;)
  > On Tue, 1 Aug 2000, Jeffrey A Law wrote:
  > > Some general notes about the dominator code.
  > ...
  > Thanks. As I said, it was a first version, so people can look at the
  > general algorithms. It was by no means ready (style-wise at least ;).
Q.  Since your code is really not implementing the linear time algorithm, is
there a significant advantage to using your code over the Lengauer/Tarjan

>From what I hear the Lengauer/Tarjan algorithm is widely used and I generally
prefer basing GCC on algorithsm that are widely used/understood than those
which are relatively obscure.

The algorithm you're implementing is, err, highly complex -- after a half
dozen or so attempts, I still don't have a handle on it, which is a source
of concern.

  > to the comment standard. OTOH some of them start with a variable name,
  > which is spelled lowercase, so what should I do?
Typically we put variable names in all-caps.


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