[patch] h8300.*: Add -ms2600 switch.

Kazu Hirata kazu@hxi.com
Tue Aug 15 07:00:00 GMT 2000


> ie, it seems to me that we're going to need changes in other tools to
> distinguish between generic H8/S and H8/S2600 code.  Note 
> this may have
> effects on the GCC changes to support the H8/S2600.

Is it easy to support upper compatibility?  One time I had a problem that
rejected the plain H8/300's code in a library when I tried to use it on the
H8/300H, which was the reason for the diff between rev 1.3 and 1.4 for

>   > -#define TARGET_H8300S	(target_flags & 1)
>   > +#define TARGET_H8300S	((target_flags & 1) || 
> (target_flags & 2))
> ?!?  I don't understand this, it seems like you should have 
> left this alone.

Are you considering a scheme where you specify -ms if you are using *any*
H8/S, and you additionally specify -ms2600 if you want to enable the mac
stuff?  I was thinking of it as specifying one of -ms and -ms2600.  Actually
-ms sounds like any H8/S.  Should I just have an additional switch, -ms2600,
use it to turn on the predicate, TARGET_H8S2600, and in turn use the
predicate to enable the mac register and relevant instructions?  I hope this
idea is somewhat fair.

Kazu Hirata

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