PATCH: fix unescaped open brace in tm.texi

William Bader
Mon Aug 14 20:23:00 GMT 2000

	* gcc/tm.texi: Fix unescaped open brace.

diff -rN -U 8 egcs-20000814/gcc/tm.texi begcs-20000814/gcc/tm.texi
--- egcs-20000814/gcc/tm.texi	Mon Aug 14 21:08:16 2000
+++ begcs-20000814/gcc/tm.texi	Mon Aug 14 21:26:10 2000
@@ -6673,17 +6673,17 @@
    If LIMIT is nonzero, modes of wider than MAX_FIXED_MODE_SIZE will not
    be used.  */
 enum machine_mode
 mode_for_size (size, class, limit)
      unsigned int size;
      enum mode_class class;
      int limit;
 ld not be used in the
 text section because it fails to put zeros in the bytes that are skipped.
 This is true on many Unix systems, where the pseudo--op to skip bytes
 produces no-op instructions rather than zeros when used in the text
 @item ASM_OUTPUT_ALIGN (@var{stream}, @var{power})

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