PATH: mixing define_peephole and define_peephole2

Jeffrey A Law
Fri Aug 4 00:20:00 GMT 2000

  In message < >you write:
  > Hello,
  > I was trying to implement define_peephole2 into the file. The
  > compiler dumped core because the insn_code_number from the genpeep.c
  > was calculated incorrectly.
  > 	Herman.
  > 2000-08-03 Herman A.J. ten Brugge <>
  >         * genpeep.c (main): Allow mixing of define_peephole and
  > 	define_peephole2 definition in the md file.
I'd like to see a little analysis of the problem.  ie, why did the compiler
core dump.  Does it happen after Denis's change from July 31 to this code?


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