change target libs to not try to link stuff

Alexandre Oliva
Thu Aug 3 12:35:00 GMT 2000

On Aug  3, 2000, Geoff Keating <> wrote:

> While the target libs are being built, you can't try to link programs,
> as (a) not all the required files are done yet

I've recently installed a patch in the top-level Makefile that should
cause the target libraries of languages other than C to be configured
and built only after ALL_GCC, which includes all-target-newlib.  So
this should no longer be necessary.

BTW, this macro LIB_AC_PROG_CC doesn't work with CVS autoconf.  It
uses some internal macros of autoconf, that have been renamed.  We'd
better adapt.  I'm pushing for some autoconf macro that allows to declare it's configuring part of a toolchain
bootstrap, so it should skip the compiler test.

Before we have that, it should be enough to add to,
before AC_PROG_CC, the following snippet:

AC_DEFUN([AC_PROG_CC_WORKS],) dnl for autoconf 2.13
AC_DEFUN([_AC_PROG_CC_WORKS],) dnl for autoconf 2.50

But this should only be necessary for newlib and libgloss.  All other
target libraries' configure should already depend on these libraries
being having been built.  libstdc++ will probably benefit from a
similar hack for [_]AC_PROG_CXX_WORKS.

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