sjlj-exceptions ICE. simplified test case

Jeffrey A Law
Thu Apr 27 07:50:00 GMT 2000

  In message < >you write:
  > On Wed, 26 Apr 2000 21:28:31 -0600, Jeffrey A Law wrote:
  >   How does this work in the presence of scheduled prologues?  More and more
  >   targets schedule their prologue which results in prologue instructions be
  > ing
  >   mixed with user code (BTW this includes x86).
  > This does not work well in presence of scheduled prologues. So, in order
  > to support exceptions, you either need tables, or you should not schedule
  > the prologue.
I'd consider not supporting scheduled prologues unacceptable on modern 
processors.  It's a fairly important optimization.


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