Avoiding overflow in printing time

grahams grahams@rcp.co.uk
Sat Apr 15 10:20:00 GMT 2000


Richard Kenner wrote:
> This uses floating-point to calculate percentages of time.  That's the
> way it was originally and I have no idea why it was changed to int,
> which will overflow on almost all machines.  long helps on 64-bit machines,
> but that's it.

There are a few other uses of some of these XXX_time variables which you've missed.

parse_time and varconst_time are used in gcc/cp/decl2.c and declared as "extern int"
gc-time is used in gcc/gc_page.c and gc_simple.c and declared as "extern int".

All the other XXXX_time variables are only accessed in toplev.c

I think parse_time, varconst_time, and gc_time should be defined in toplev.h and
all the other XXXX_time variables become static.


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