bootstrap problem: i386-pc-solaris-2.7, using GNU as

Alexandre Oliva
Thu Oct 28 16:23:00 GMT 1999

On Oct 28, 1999, "Beardsley, Jason" <> wrote:

> I found a minor problem building gcc-2.95.2 on this platform, traced it down
> to a typo in gcc/config/i386/sol2gas.h.  It defines the symbol
> GAS_DOES_NOT_SUPPORT_MINUS_S, when it I believe it should define
> GAS_REJECTS_MINUS_S (which is what sol2.h checks for).

Gee!  My goof :-(

I must have installed the wrong version of the sol2gas.h patch in the
release branch :-( :-(

Shame on me for having blindly applied the wrong patch I had posted,
instead of the one I applied in the trunk :-(

Here's a patch that fixes the branch for 2.95.3, if it is ever
released.  Ok to install?

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