ARM: minor DImode logical improvements

Nick Clifton
Fri Oct 22 03:17:00 GMT 1999

Hi Richard,

: It looks fine to me.  However, could we hold off on this until we
: get the new ARM/Thumb back-end merged in; additions like this are
: good, but will make the merge more complicated unless they are
: applied to both.

Actually we are applying the changes to both back ends.

: Nick, Jeff,
: I think it might be worth creating a branch so that we can commit changes 
: to the new code without having to put it on the mainline just yet (ie, do 
: the same as for the x86).  As things stand it is hard to generate patches 
: for the new code because I don't really have a reference to work against.

I am willing to do this if you think that the new back end is not
ready for the mainstream yet.  Ideally I would like to submit the new
back end right away and archive off the old back end, so that we do
not have any more dual maintainance to contend with.


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