Pragma pack stuff

Nick Clifton
Tue Oct 19 03:37:00 GMT 1999

Hi Mumit,

  Jeff has asked me to look at your patch and make sure that the right
  thing gets done.  (Sorry about the long delay in getting round to
  look at this.  I will invoke the usual excuses of too much work, too
  little time, and omit any mention of a two week vacation in the sun

  Anyway, I agree with you assessment and your patch.  Since Robvert
  has also confirmed that it works for him, I am going to go ahead and
  apply it (together with the typo fix).

  I was also going to remove the invocation of
  PRAGMA_INSERT_ATTRIBUTES from c-common.c until I noticed that it is
  used by the SH port, so instead I will generate (and submit) a
  seperate patch to document this as a target specific macro in

  Has Doon Terry's bitfield patch been accepted yet ?


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