patch for misleading documentation for Installing GCC

Dietmar Schindler
Mon Oct 18 01:55:00 GMT 1999


"Installing GCC: Configuration"
< > says
    % srcdir/configure [target] [options] 

    target must be specified when configuring a cross compiler; examples
    of valid targets would be i960-rtems, m68k-coff, sh-elf, etc. 

The reader's attention shall be drawn to the fact that specifying just
target implies that host defaults to target, i. e. that no cross
compiler is made in the end or even that the make process fails.
In order to truly build a cross compiler, 

    % srcdir/configure --target=target [options] 

has to be used.


Mon Oct 18 09:01:50 METDST 1999  Dietmar Schindler  (

	* configure.html: Corrected configuring a cross compiler.



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