rfc: genrecog rewrite

Richard Henderson rth@cygnus.com
Mon Oct 4 22:18:00 GMT 1999

I committed the following version of my genrecog rewrite.


	* genrecog.c (struct decision_test): New.
	(struct decision): Remove test-related members, sort the rest by size.
	(IS_SPLIT): Simplify.
	(new_decision, new_decision_test): New.
	(add_to_sequence): Use them.  No special handling for args of
	non-MATCH codes.
	(maybe_both_true): Renamed from not_both_true; return sense changed.
	(maybe_both_true_1, maybe_both_true_2): New.  Broken out
	of maybe_both_true and adjusted for decision_test.
	(position_merit): Remove.
	(nodes_identical, nodes_identical_1): New, broken out of merge_trees.
	(merge_accept_insn): New, broken out of merge_trees.
	(merge_trees): Use them.  No special case for c_test; no node
	splitting; use test type instead of position_merit.
	(factor_tests): New.
	(simplify_tests): New.
	(break_out_subroutines): Don't write code now.
	(find_afterward): New.
	(write_afterward, write_switch, write_cond): New.
	(write_action, is_unconditional): New.
	(write_node): New.  Use them.
	(write_tree_1): Rewrite.  Use the new functions above.
	(write_tree): Remove afterward processing.
	(write_subroutine): Simplify function variant emission.
	(write_subroutines): New.
	(same_codes, clear_codes): Remove.
	(same_modes, clear_modes): Remove.
	(write_header): New, broken out of main.
	(make_insn_sequence): Use new_decision and new_decision_test.
	(process_tree): New, broken out of main.
	(main): Adjust for merge_trees interface change. 
	Don't #define operands in the output file.
	(record_insn_name): New, broken out of make_insn_sequence.
	(debug_decision_2, debug_decision_1, debug_decision_0): New.
	(debug_decision): New.

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